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Frequently Asked Questions On Kerala Projects

Write a formal letter stating your objections to the delayed possession and your issues. Demand a written answer from the builder that addresses the problem. Include any formal guarantees or pledges made regarding the date of possession by the builder.

A 5% GST is payable on properties that are still under construction, and the developer may or may not pass on the ITC benefit to the buyer. As they are regarded as completed properties, ready-to-move properties are exempt from GST.

Property is regarded as a capital asset, and capital gains tax is applied to gains from property sales. These gains are computed after the inflation rate, transfer fees, and refurbishment costs have been taken into account.

TDS-1% is applicable on the sale of immovable property over Rs 50 lakh (except agricultural land).
Property tax has been revised starting from April 1, 2023. According to the new rates, the tax per square metre has increased from Rs 3-8 to Rs 6-10 for houses in the gram panchayat and from Rs 6-15 to Rs 8-17 per square feet for houses in the municipality. The property tax will increase by 5% every year.

Yes. We have partnered with all the leading banks to provide home loan assistance for buyers. All our projects are eligible for a home loan from major banks in Kerala.

Before buying an apartment in Kerala, pick an ideal location based on your preference. Check the credibility of the builder, their past projects, the cost of the apartment, and the amenities provided. Make sure to choose a project that fits your budget while offering the features and amenities you desire.